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It is our experience that some lenders are better than others. All Seasons Homes works with lenders who specialize in construction lending, have competitive interest rates, and are extremely streamline at what they do. This is very important so that the loan, as well as the construction process, go smoothly and efficiently without any glitches. Every builder must be approved by the lender that their customer is using, so if you are not already working with a bank, we can refer you. Many of the lenders we use allow you to purchase your vacant lot and roll your construction financing all into one loan and one closing with as little as 5% down-payment, less if you already own your land. WE WOULD BE HAPPY TO REFER YOU TO ONE OF THE LENDERS WE WORK WITH.


Below for your convenience is a detailed schedule of our building process, as we hope it will help our customers get a better feel for our construction procedure. Please note that this may change slightly and many conditions such as weather and material delivery determine the exact order of things.


  • Initial Meeting: During this introductory meeting, we’ll discuss what you are looking for in a new home. We will begin planning your vision and discuss your budget as well. We may also want to meet you at your lot to help determine the orientation of the new home on the site. We can easily get you pricing & features at this stage if you already have drawings or plans available. We may refer you to a lender to get pre-approved if you are not already, and you may want to start the formal loan approval process if you are planning on starting construction in the near future.

  • Design Meeting: This is where we start bringing your home to life. We’ll discuss the function, flow, design, and budget for your home in order to begin designing your blueprints. You may choose to bring your own blueprints, ideas, drawings or sketches. We do not charge the customer for blueprints, however a blueprint deposit will be required at the end this meeting in order to start the blueprint process. This deposit will be credited toward the purchase price of your home in the form of down-payment and a receipt/document will be given to the customer stating this.

  • Review Meeting: At this consultation, whether we meet in person or do things by email, you’ll review and finalize the blueprints, discuss the schedule and begin planning for construction. We will provide you with (2) copies of the blueprints once completed. We will also finalize the Building Contract and Building Specifications which you will sign and submit to your lender along with a copy of the blueprints. During this phase of the project, you’ll also finalize some of the main materials and components for your home. We give you complete freedom to customize as you want. Don’t worry, you will still be able to pick out colors and styles of many remaining items later during the construction process such as siding, roofing, flooring, carpet, light fixtures etc…

  • Home Stake Out: At this phase, we will meet at your lot to finalize the exact placement of the home and driveway and discuss and preconstruction questions you may have.

  • Loan Closing: As soon as the lender closes on your loan, it usually takes us about two weeks to acquire all applicable Permits, then we dig. You will not be placed on a waiting list as with many builders.



All Seasons Homes prides itself in keeping our jobsites very clean when compared to other builders.

In addition to the final cleaning, All Seasons provides a valuable service which most builders do not. They will thoroughly clean the home during (2) rough-phases of the construction process. Each of these cleanings take a full day to complete.

This includes:

After rough framing, Heating, electrical and rough plumbing are installed, but before insulation, the builder will thoroughly sweep and shop-vac the home including all floors, all stud cavities and all register boots and such. This prevents saw dust, wood chips and dirt from being trapped in you walls forever!

After the drywall is finished and ceilings are textured, but before paint, the builder will thoroughly sweep down all the dusty walls, shop-vac the floors, windows jams and register boots. This prevents “fine” drywall dust from being distributed throughout your home during the finishing stages of the job as well as protects the HVAC equipment from this fine dust.

PHASE 1 (Foundation)

  • Installation of temporary Electric power pole

  • Installation of Public Sewer and/or Water Service (if applicable)

  • Installation of foundation

  • Inspections

  • Backfilling of foundation


PHASE 2 (Framing)

  • Ordering of rough framing lumber

  • Ordering of windows, Exterior doors, exterior knobs / deadbolts

  • Our carpenters will frame your home, install the windows, exterior doors and roof felt to keep it dry.

  • Ordering of tub & shower inserts (Delivered during framing, before trusses are set so that they may be craned into home)

  • Ordering of roofing shingles & accessories (Delivered to rooftop after home is framed and felt is installed)

  • Install roof. Our roofers will install your shingles, usually in about one day

  • Ordering of any specialty items that require installation during rough

  • Installation of Garage Doors

  • Scheduling for Gas Service installation (if applicable)

  • Call Cable TV Service Provider to deliver roll of cable (if applicable)


PHASE 3 (Mechanicals, Electrical & siding)

  • Layout all Cabinetry with owners at site

  • Measure for interior Trim & Doors

  • Order all siding material (Delivered to home after Garage doors are installed & secure)

  • Installation of rough HVAC ductwork

  • Installation of rough Plumbing

  • Installation of rough Electrical (owners to do walk-through with builder for any specialty switch or receptacle locations)

  • Inspections

  • Installation of Electrical Service Panel

  • Scheduling for installation of Permanent Electric Service

  • Installation of wall insulation

  • Installation of siding

  • Installation of Spouting / Gutters

  • Complete all rough inspections

  • Installation of Basement Concrete

  • Installation of Garage Concrete

  • Ordering of all Cabinetry and associated moldings


PHASE 4 (Drywall, Trim, Paint & Cabinetry)

  • Installation of Drywall & Texturing of Ceilings, Closets & Garages

  • Ordering of all Trim and Interior Doors, door knobs & hardware

  • Measuring & ordering of all Carpet & hard-surface flooring (Vinyl / Laminate / Tile / Hardwood)

  • Interior Painting of walls

  • Installation of Furnace & Ductwork in basement

  • Installation of any underlayment for flooring (if applicable)

  • Installation of Vinyl Flooring (if applicable)

  • Installation of Interior Doors

  • Installation of all Cabinetry

  • Installation of any remaining tile, hardwood or laminate flooring

  • Installation of Casings, Baseboards & Shoe-mold

  • Measuring & Ordering of Countertops & Vanities

  • Painting of Interior doors & Trim (if applicable)

  • Installation of all interior door knobs & stops

  • Installation of Septic System


PHASE 5 (Final Mechanicals, Electrical, Flooring, Counter-Tops, Punch-out)

  • Ordering / Purchase of All Cabinet & Vanity Knobs & Pulls

  • Ordering / Purchase of all Light Fixtures and Bulbs for such

  • Installation of Well (if applicable)

  • Installation of Countertops & Vanity Tops

  • Installation of final plumbing / Faucets

  • Installation of final electrical / Light fixtures

  • Installation of Garage Door opener(s)

  • Installation of all underground Spouting drains

  • Installation of exterior concrete (if applicable)

  • Top off Driveway with Finish Gravel

  • Completion of Final Grading

  • Installation of A/C Unit & Registers

  • Installation of Carpeting

  • Completion of final Punch-out, Touch-ups & Cleaning

  • Homeowner Orientation /After we complete your home, we’ll walk through together and inspect every room and review all mechanical systems.


  Final Inspections

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